Burp Bounty Pro Full Activated plus Extensions – Professional Editor Suite [v2.7.0]

Burp Bounty Pro Full Activated plus Extensions

Burp Bounty Pro Full Activated plus Extensions

The Burp Suite Professional Edition serves as a comprehensive platform for conducting security testing on web applications. Its integrated tools seamlessly collaborate to facilitate the entire testing process, spanning from initial mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface to the identification and exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

Burp provides full control, allowing the integration of advanced manual techniques with cutting-edge automation for faster, more effective, and enjoyable work. In this release, usability is significantly enhanced by eliminating the need for many initial configuration steps for Burp Proxy.

Key Features and Improvements:

Embedded Chromium Browser for Testing:

  • Use Burp’s pre-configured browser for manual testing without the need for manual configuration of proxy settings or certificate installations.
  • Immediate testing initiation, even with HTTPS URLs, by launching the embedded browser through the “Proxy” > “Intercept” tab.

Other Improvements:

  • Burp now provides feedback in the request and response when successfully communicating using HTTP/2.
  • Enhanced performance of the experimental browser-powered scanning feature.
  • Upgrade of the embedded browser to Chromium 84.

Bug Fixes:

  • Correct display of multiple Cookie headers in the “Params” tab.
  • Resolution of a security bug reported through the bug bounty program, preventing potential theft of comma-delimited files from the local filesystem with significant user interaction.

Key Components of Burp Suite Professional Edition:

  • Intercepting proxy for investigating and altering traffic between the browser and the target application.
  • Application-aware spider for crawling content and functionality.
  • Advanced web application scanner for automating the detection of various vulnerabilities.
  • Intruder tool for performing powerful customized attacks to discover and exploit unusual vulnerabilities.
  • Repeater tool for controlling and resending individual requests.
  • Sequencer tool for testing the randomness of session tokens.
  • Save and resume work functionality, ensuring continuity.
  • Extensibility for easily creating custom modules to perform complex tasks within Burp.

Ease of Use and Configurability:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface for quick initiation.
  • Highly configurable with powerful features for experienced testers.
  • Automated crawl and scan capabilities.
  • Coverage of over 100 generic vulnerabilities, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), with robust performance against all OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.
  • Multiple test modes for varying speeds, accommodating fast, daily, and thorough scans for diverse purposes.

Burp Suite Professional Edition offers precise and comprehensive web application security testing capabilities. It allows users to perform a meticulous crawl and scan of an entire host, specific portions of a site, or individual URLs.

Key Features:

  1. Attack Insertion Points:
  • Supports various types of attack insertion points within requests, including parameters, cookies, HTTP headers, parameter names, and the URL file path.
  • Backs nested insertion points for testing custom application data formats, like JSON within Base64 within a URL-encoded parameter.

Advanced Application-Aware Crawler:

  • Maps out application content before automated scanning or manual testing.
  • Fine-grained scope-based configuration for precise inclusion of hosts and URLs in the crawl or scan.
  • Automatically detects custom not-found responses to reduce false positives during crawling.

Advanced Scanning for Manual Testers:

  • Real-time feedback of all actions during scanning.
  • Active scanning mode for intelligently testing vulnerabilities like OS command injection and file path traversal.
  • Passive scanning mode for flaw detection, including information disclosure, SSL vulnerabilities, and cross-domain exposure.
  • Manual insertion points for non-standard data inputs and formats.

Controlled Parameter Movement:

  • Automatically moves parameters between different locations (e.g., URL parameters and cookies) to bypass web application firewalls and other defenses.
  • Live filtering allows full control over what gets tested as you browse, scheduling requests for dynamic analysis within defined target scope.

Scan Accuracy and Modes:

  • Multiple scan accuracy modes to optionally increase false positives or negatives.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge scanning logic designed by industry-leading penetration testers.

Cutting-Edge Scanning Logic:

  • Incorporates advanced crawling capabilities, covering the latest web technologies (REST, JSON, AJAX, SOAP).
  • Employs out-of-band techniques for increased vulnerability detection, including the Burp Collaborator technology for server-side vulnerabilities.

Infiltrator Technology:

Static Code Analysis Engine:

  • Includes a full static code analysis engine for detecting security vulnerabilities in client-side JavaScript, such as DOM-based cross-site scripting.

Clear Presentation of Vulnerabilities:

  • Target site map displays discovered content in a tree view, showcasing URL structure.
  • Icons indicate vulnerabilities for quick identification.
  • Vulnerabilities rated for severity and confidence with detailed custom warnings.

Detailed Vulnerability Presentation:

  • Each reported vulnerability includes detailed custom warnings and remediation advice.
  • Generates specific wording for each issue, providing accurate descriptions of features or remediation points.
  • Includes full evidence of reported vulnerabilities, aiding quick understanding and targeted application of fixes.

Beautifully Formatted Reports:

  • Export HTML reports of found vulnerabilities with customizable details for different audiences.
  1. Proxy for Traffic Control:
    • Burp Proxy intercepts all requests and responses between the browser and the target application, even with HTTPS.
    • Manual control of messages for server-side or client-side testing.
    • Proxy history records full details of all messages.
    • Supports commenting on individual items and automatic modifications of responses for testing facilitation.
    • Utilizes match and replace rules for custom alterations to requests and responses.

Burp Suite Professional Edition stands out with its extensive features and advanced capabilities, making it a powerful tool for web application security testing.

Burp Suite Professional Edition facilitates the mitigation of browser security warnings during the capture of HTTPS connections. Upon installation, Burp generates a unique CA certificate that can be installed in your browser. Host certificates are subsequently generated for each visited domain, signed by the trusted CA certificate.

Key Features:

  1. Invisible Proxying for Non-Proxy Aware Clients:
  • Supports invisible proxying for non-proxy-aware clients, enabling testing of non-standard user agents like thick client applications and some mobile apps.
  • HTML5 WebSockets messages are captured and logged separately, similar to standard HTTP messages.
  • Configurable fine-grained capture rules allow precise control over which messages are intercepted, focusing on the most interesting interactions.
  1. Automate Custom Attacks with Burp Intruder:
  • Burp Intruder automates custom attacks against applications for various purposes, enhancing speed and accuracy in manual testing.
  • Use cases include fuzzing for vulnerabilities, enumerating valid identifiers, extracting interesting data, and actively exploiting discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Place payloads in arbitrary positions within requests, allowing payloads to be positioned within custom data structures and protocols.
  • Multiple concurrent payloads of different types can be placed into different positions within the same request and combined in unique ways.
  • Built-in payload generators automatically create payloads for various purposes in a highly configurable manner. Generators include numbers, dates, brute forcer, bit flipper, username generator, ECB block shuffler, illegal Unicode, and case alteration. Custom payload generators can also be provided by Burp extensions.

Burp Suite is a comprehensive web application security testing toolset, featuring a web proxy for intercepting and modifying HTTP and HTTPS traffic, along with various tools for testing web application security.

Potential Ways to Make Money:

  1. Offer Web Application Security Testing Services:
  • Provide expertise in using Burp Suite and other tools to offer web application security testing services to organizations looking to secure their applications.
  1. Sell Burp Suite-Based Security Tools:
  • Develop and sell custom tools or scripts that leverage Burp Suite as a foundation to other security professionals or organizations.
  1. Participate in Bug Bounty Programs:
  • Identify vulnerabilities using Burp Suite and participate in bug bounty programs offered by organizations willing to pay for the discovery of security issues in their applications.
  1. Teach Others How to Use Burp Suite:
  • Offer training or consulting services to share your strong understanding of Burp Suite and web application security, helping others learn how to effectively use the tool.

Burp Suite is widely recognized among security professionals and is commonly used during penetration testing for vulnerability identification and exploitation in web applications.

Making money with Burp Suite generally requires a blend of web application security skills, practical experience, and proficiency in effectively utilizing the tool. Bug bounty programs provide an avenue for earning by identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities in products or services. These programs, commonly run by tech companies and other organizations, compensate based on the severity of the discovered vulnerabilities and the specific program terms.

Participation in bug bounty programs demands a solid grasp of web application security, and proficiency with tools like Burp Suite, and often requires the signing of legal agreements like nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). It’s crucial to recognize the competitiveness of these programs, with multiple researchers vying for vulnerabilities. Success entails persistence and a robust ability to identify and report vulnerabilities effectively.

BurpBounty Pro is a paid Burp Suite extension designed to automate the identification and reporting of web application vulnerabilities. It covers a broad spectrum, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and insecure direct object references. Features include automated payload generation, integration with third-party vulnerability scanners, and support for custom payloads and rule sets. Typically utilized by security professionals and penetration testers, BurpBounty Pro aids in identifying and reporting vulnerabilities in web applications.

To use BurpBounty Pro, you must first have Burp Suite installed and configured on your computer. Following the setup of Burp Suite, you can proceed to download and install the BurpBounty Pro extension.

Here are the general steps to use BurpBounty Pro:

  1. Open Burp Suite and navigate to the “Extender” tab.
  2. Click on the “Add” button to install the BurpBounty Pro extension.
  3. Once the extension is installed, navigate to the “Target” tab and select the web application you want to test.
  4. Configure the settings for the scan in the “Scanner” tab.
  5. Start the scan by clicking the “Start scan” button.
  6. As the scan is running, BurpBounty Pro will identify and report any potential vulnerabilities it finds.
  7. Once the scan is complete, you can review the results and report any vulnerabilities found to the appropriate parties.

It is important to note that you should always have the proper authorization and written consent before performing any testing activity, and also be sure to follow the best practices of vulnerability management.

There are several ways to make money using BurpBounty Pro, depending on your skills and experience. Here are a few examples:

  1. Penetration testing: Many organizations hire penetration testers to identify vulnerabilities in their web applications. By using BurpBounty Pro as part of your testing process, you can quickly and efficiently identify vulnerabilities and report them to your clients.
  2. Bug bounty hunting: Some organizations offer bug bounties, which are cash rewards for identifying and reporting vulnerabilities in their web applications. By using BurpBounty Pro to find these vulnerabilities, you can earn money by participating in bug bounty programs.
  3. Consulting: You can also offer consulting services to help organizations improve the security of their web applications. By using BurpBounty Pro to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to fix them, you can charge clients for your expertise.
  4. Online courses: You can also create and sell online courses on web application security and penetration testing, using BurpBounty Pro as a tool for learning and teaching.


Use Java SE Development Kit 18.x (OR) 19.x (OR) 20.x
ali Linux Only the first time
1- Open Terminal ( Ctrl + Alt + T )
2- Run ( sudo apt-get install openjdk-18-jdk )
3- Run ( chmod +x ./Dr-FarFar.jar )
When You Run The Burp Just use That Terminal Command
#- Run ( ./Dr-FarFar.jar )

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