Free Robots.txt Generator: Customize your robots text file base on your website

robots.txt generator

Robots.txt Generator

Default – All Robots are:  
Sitemap: (leave blank if you don’t have) 
Search Robots: Google
  Google Image
  Google Mobile
  MSN Search
  Yahoo MM
  Yahoo Blogs
  DMOZ Checker
  MSN PicSearch
Restricted Directories: The path is relative to root and must contain a trailing slash “/”

Now, Create ‘robots.txt’ file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.


About Robots.txt Generator

A Robots.txt Generator is a tool used to create or generate a robots.txt file for websites. The robots.txt file is a text file that webmasters place on their website’s server to instruct web robots (also known as web crawlers or spiders) on how to interact with their site’s content.

Web robots are automated programs that crawl through websites to index their content for search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. By creating a robots.txt file, website owners can control which parts of their site the search engine bots can access and index.

The robots.txt file follows a specific syntax and contains directives that tell search engine bots which pages or directories they are allowed or disallowed to access. This helps website owners manage how their site appears in search results and prevents certain pages from being indexed if they should be kept private or hidden from search engines.

A Robots.txt Generator typically offers a user-friendly interface where website owners can specify the pages or directories they want to allow or disallow from being crawled by search engine bots. Once the desired settings are configured, the generator will create the robots.txt file with the appropriate directives, which can then be uploaded to the website’s root directory for search engines to follow.

Using a Robots.txt Generator is essential for website owners who want to have control over their site’s visibility in search engines while ensuring that sensitive or irrelevant pages are not indexed.

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