Make money from your old toilet roll tubes

Are you finding yourself with a growing stack of unused toilet paper rolls in the corner of your bathroom? Surprisingly, there are individuals who have discovered a profitable opportunity by selling toilet paper rolls online.

Free photo panic-buying toilet paper during coronavirus epidemic

Typically, the sight of an empty toilet roll would fill you with frustration (and annoyance towards the person responsible for restocking). However, what if running out of toilet paper became a sign of potential earnings?

Believe it or not, your tendency to keep those cardboard tubes instead of throwing them away might actually pay off in a significant way. Some sellers on eBay have discovered a surprisingly lucrative market for bulk cardboard toilet roll tubes.

Now, you might be wondering how many people are actually selling these toilet paper tubes and, more importantly, how much are buyers willing to pay for them.

What is the potential income from selling empty toilet rolls?

screenshot of toilet roll tubes for sale on ebay

Interested in selling your empty toilet paper rolls? It may sound strange, but there are actually buyers who are eager to purchase these cardboard tubes. Whether it’s for arts and crafts, gardening purposes, creating bird feeders, or using them as toys for pets, there are various uses for these seemingly ordinary items.

While we once witnessed a daring seller successfully selling a box of 800 tubes for an impressive £48.00, along with £22.00 for postage and packaging (yes, we’re serious), it’s unlikely that you would make quite as much. However, on eBay, you may come across individuals attempting to sell empty toilet rolls for up to 10p each.

While this may not make you a millionaire, earning some money from something you would typically discard and recycle is definitely worthwhile. In fact, toilet roll tubes are among the top items to recycle for some extra cash.

All you need to do is snap a quick photo, create a listing on eBay, and ship them out when they sell. It’s as simple as that!

If you wish to reach a wider audience, you can also try selling them on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

Old loo roll tubes are just some of manythings you can make money from selling online (including your old clothes!).

Tips for selling toilet roll tubes

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Here are some valuable tips to maximize your earnings when selling toilet roll tubes:

1. Sell in bulk: Accumulate a substantial quantity of loo roll tubes over a few months and offer them in larger packages. A listing with a significant number of tubes tends to attract more buyers and encourages them to spend more money on larger quantities.

2. Offer affordable shipping: Instead of charging high postage and packaging fees, aim to provide free or inexpensive shipping options. Ask local stores for cardboard boxes that can be used for packaging, and ensure the tubes are neatly arranged. Neatly presented collections tend to fetch higher prices. Consider incorporating postage costs into the asking price, allowing you to offer free shipping, which is more enticing to potential buyers.

3. Collect as a household: Involve everyone in your household in the collection of empty toilet roll tubes. Encourage each member to contribute to the cause by chipping in a few pounds, and purchase toilet paper in bulk. Look out for supermarket deals or websites like, which offer packs of 36 rolls for around £8 (at the time of writing). Use the proceeds from selling the tubes to fund future bulk purchases of toilet paper.

4. Request donations: Approach your neighbors and ask them to contribute their discarded toilet roll tubes to support your entrepreneurial endeavor. Since they dispose of these tubes daily, their contributions can significantly boost your inventory.


Make money from your old toilet roll tubes