Microsoft Launches Free AI Professional Training with a Certificate

Microsoft Launches Free AI Professional Training with a Certificate

Microsoft Launches Free AI Professional Training with a Certificate

Microsoft and LinkedIn have joined forces to address the increasing demand for AI skills in the workforce. Recognizing the potential of AI to improve both life and work, Microsoft is launching the AI Skills Initiative, a comprehensive program aimed at providing people with the knowledge and tools needed to harness AI technology responsibly and ethically. The initiative includes a free AI training course, developed in collaboration with LinkedIn, that offers individuals the opportunity to gain valuable skills and earn a professional certificate in generative AI from Microsoft.

The Importance of AI Skills

As AI continues to play an integral role in various industries, there is a pressing need for individuals to acquire AI skills. According to the World Economic Forum, AI skills are ranked as the third-highest priority for company training programs. The demand for AI skills is further underscored by Microsoft’s research, which reveals that while 70% of people want AI to handle more of their workload, nearly half express concerns about AI replacing their jobs. In response to these concerns and the evolving job market, Microsoft’s AI Skills Initiative aims to equip workers with the knowledge and experience to effectively utilize AI technologies.

The AI Skills Initiative

The AI Skills Initiative offers a range of resources to help individuals develop their AI skills. The centerpiece of the initiative is the free AI training course available through LinkedIn Learning. This course, titled “Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn,” provides an introduction to AI and covers important topics such as responsible AI and ethics. The course consists of five instructional videos, totaling almost four hours of content. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a professional certificate in generative AI from Microsoft, which can be displayed on their LinkedIn profiles.

Course Breakdown

The course, “Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn,” is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI and its applications. Here is a breakdown of the course modules:

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: This module serves as an introduction to AI, covering the basics and the potential impact of AI on various industries.
  2. What is Generative AI?: This module delves into the concept of generative AI, exploring how it can be applied to create new and innovative solutions.
  3. Generative AI: The Evolution of Thoughtful Online Search: This module focuses on the use of generative AI in online search, highlighting its potential to enhance search experiences.
  4. Streamlining Your Work with Microsoft Bing Chat: This module explores the practical applications of generative AI in streamlining work processes, with a specific focus on Microsoft Bing Chat.
  5. Ethics in the Age of Generative AI: This module addresses the ethical considerations surrounding the use of generative AI, emphasizing the importance of responsible and ethical AI practices.

To earn the professional certificate, participants must complete all the training videos and pass an exam. Once the exam is successfully completed, participants will immediately gain access to their certificate, which they can proudly display on their LinkedIn profiles and share with their professional network.

Additional Resources

In addition to the free AI training course, Microsoft’s AI Skills Initiative offers several supplementary resources to support individuals in honing their AI skills. These resources include a trainer toolkit with AI content specifically designed for educators, and a free AI skills challenge on Microsoft Learn. The AI skills challenge allows participants to test their knowledge and skills in essential AI concepts using Microsoft technology.

Microsoft is committed to making the AI training coursework accessible for free through 2025, ensuring that individuals have ample opportunity to acquire AI skills and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving job market.

Looking Ahead: The Skills for Jobs Program

The AI Skills Initiative is part of Microsoft’s broader Skills for Jobs program, which aims to help individuals worldwide find new careers in high-demand fields. Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs program has already reached millions of people, assisting them in securing new opportunities in fields such as cybersecurity. With the launch of the AI Skills Initiative, Microsoft is taking another significant step in empowering individuals and enabling them to thrive in the digital era.

Through its ongoing commitment to innovation and partnerships, Microsoft is poised to continue driving advancements in AI and ensuring that individuals have the necessary skills to navigate the changing landscape of work.


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