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Free Basic Graphics and Painting Software-Microsoft Paint

also known as MS Paint, is a free computer program developed by Microsoft. It enables users to create and edit picture files stored on their computers. In addition, Microsoft Paint offers a convenient way to add text to images. While it may not be the most advanced graphic or painting software available, it has garnered a dedicated global fan base.

Future of MS Paint: Discontinuation Concerns MS Paint was initially introduced by Microsoft alongside the debut of Windows 1.0 in 1985. It has been a consistent inclusion in every subsequent Windows version, including Windows 10. Over the years, the program has undergone several updates to incorporate more advanced features, aligning with the evolution of Windows PCs. Notably, a significant update was introduced with the release of Windows 7. Despite occasional speculation, there is no official confirmation regarding the discontinuation of MS Paint.

Popular for its simplicity and user-friendly interface, Paint quickly gained widespread usage in the early versions of Windows, thanks to its inclusion with every Windows machine. It served as an introduction to digital painting for countless individuals.

In 2019, concerns arose among devoted fans of the aging application when rumors circulated that Microsoft planned to discontinue MS Paint in the upcoming Windows 10 1903 update. The news sparked a passionate debate on Twitter, with users expressing their desire for the survival of Paint. Thankfully, Microsoft reassured its users by confirming that the program would not be discontinued and would remain available even after the update.

Nevertheless, the subsequent update marked Paint as “deprecated,” indicating that it would no longer receive active updates or improvements.

Is MS Graphics and Painting Software free?

Yes, MS Paint is completely free of charge. It is typically pre-installed on Windows PCs and can be found in the Windows Start menu under the Accessories Folder. If, for some reason, you don’t have Paint on your computer, you can easily install it. Just download the .exe file and run it, and MS Paint will open automatically.

For users with the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft offers a refreshed version of the classic Paint application called Paint 3D. It provides both basic and advanced artistic tools, allowing users to create not only unique 2D art but also 3D objects.

It’s important to note that Microsoft Paint is not available for Mac. However, Mac users can opt for Paintbrush, a user-friendly and lightweight paint program specifically designed for Mac OS.

What is MS Paint used for?

Microsoft Paint is a user-friendly raster graphics editor that specializes in simple image editing tasks. It supports file formats such as Windows bitmap (BMP), JPEG, GIF, PNG, and single-page TIFF. However, it does not offer a grayscale mode and only supports color and two-color black-and-white modes.

The main features of MS Paint revolve around its easy-to-use drawing tools, which allow users to paint on a blank canvas or edit existing images. Additionally, the program provides cropping, resizing, rotating, skewing, and selection tools to further manipulate images.

Paint’s charm lies in its straightforward nature, offering minimal advanced features. It caters well to beginners, as the user interface is intuitive, featuring tools on the left-hand side and menus along the top. Although tooltips are available for guidance, they are often unnecessary due to the program’s simplicity.

The joy of using Paint comes from exploring its tools and discovering the artworks one can create. With just a few swooshes, drags, and clicks, users can generate imaginative compositions consisting of overlapping shapes filled with vibrant colours. It allows erasing sections, freehand drawing, applying airbrush effects, adding text in various fonts, and even incorporating transparent backgrounds.

Whether working on a blank canvas or editing an imported picture, one can set the resulting artwork as their computer’s desktop image. Although the tools in Paint have limitations, their creative applications are boundless, limited only by the user’s imagination. Additionally, numerous online articles showcase surprisingly inventive uses of MS Paint.

Critics argue that Paint’s simplicity restricts its capabilities, suggesting that users seeking more intricate graphic design or image manipulation should explore alternatives. Programs like Photoscape, Gimp, and Krita offer advanced tools while maintaining user-friendliness, making them viable options for those who require more functionality than Paint provides.


  • Very simple to use
  • Offers a range of tools without overwhelming a user
  • Wide range of color and font choices
  • Can create surprisingly sophisticated artwork
  • Brings back fond memories for early computer users


  • No longer being updated
  • Limited tools and functionality
  • No support for other operating systems
  • No support for multiple layers
  • No filters or retouching options
  • Only renders in 2D no 3D options

Anyone looking for an alternative to MS Paint, however, will find a whole range of similar programs that also offer simple tools and functionality. PowerPaint lets you modify photos and create your own drawings, Paint.NET and MyPaint are ideal for digital artists that are starting out, while EZ Paint is a straight-up alternative to Paint.

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