MTN SME Cheap bundle Browsing Via Edoztunnel VPN 2023 | Nigeria

MTN SME Cheap bundle Browsing Via Edoztunnel VPN 2023

Hey, Are you looking for an affordable way to browse the internet? Look no further! We are excited to bring you the latest MTN SME bundle cheat, powered by Edoztunnel VPN. With this incredible offer, you can enjoy browsing at a remarkably low rate, getting 2GB of data for just N200. In this article, we will explain how this cheap SME data bundle works, its validity, and more. please kindly follow the steps!

What is the MTN SME Bundle?

The MTN SME bundle was initially designed for specific MTN-partnered SME E-learning websites. However, with the help of the settings on this page and the Edoztunnel VPN app, you can utilize this bundle to power all your apps and browsers. This exclusive offer is available to followers of androidtechvilla.com in Nigeria.

Enjoy Free Internet with Edoztunnel VPN

Apart from the MTN SME bundle, Edoztunnel VPN also supports various other free browsing options. You can still enjoy the MTN 860MB daily free browsing cheat, MTN 100MB daily free browsing, 9mobile 150MB free browsing, Airtel 200MB free browsing, and other free networks and countries’ browsing options using Edoztunnel VPN and Edoztunnel Pro.

The Benefits of Edoztunnel VPN and Edoztunnel Pro

Edoztunnel VPN and Edoztunnel Pro offer numerous advantages to users. Here are some key features:

  1. A good SSL/HTTP/SSH/TCP VPN: Edoztunnel VPN provides a reliable and secure connection for your browsing needs.
  2. Unlimited Fast Premium Servers: Experience fast internet surfing with Edoztunnel’s premium servers.
  3. Pre-configured Free Internet Settings: Enjoy free browsing on different networks and countries with Edoztunnel’s pre-configured settings.
  4. Unblocks Restricted Websites and Services: Edoztunnel VPN allows you to access blocked websites and services effortlessly.
  5. Supported in Every Country: Wherever you are, Edoztunnel VPN works seamlessly in all countries.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: Edoztunnel’s interface is easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  7. Free of Charge: You can enjoy all these benefits without any cost.
  8. Battery Friendly: Unlike other VPNs, Edoztunnel is designed to be battery-friendly, ensuring it doesn’t consume excessive power.

Requirements for the Latest MTN SME Cheap Browsing Cheat on Edoztunnel VPN 2023

To get started with the latest MTN cheap browsing cheat on Edoztunnel VPN, follow these instructions:

  1. Insert your MTN Nigeria SIM card into your Android smartphone.
  2. Recharge your phone with a minimum of N200.
  3. Subscribe to the MTN SME data by dialing *460*600#.

Note: If you are currently using and enjoying the MTN MPULSE cheap data bundle, and you don’t want to lose it, then the MTN SME data might not be suitable for you. Purchasing the SME data will migrate you to the MTN SME tariff plan, resulting in the loss of your MPULSE data and tariff. Keep this in mind before proceeding.

To check your MTN MSME data balance, dial *310#.

Edoztunnel VPN App

Download or update Edoztunnel VPN or Edo

Edoztunnel VPN Settings for the Latest MTN SME Cheap Browsing

Setting up Edoztunnel VPN for the latest MTN SME cheap browsing cheat is simple. Just follow the instructions below:

  • Download Edoztunnel VPN or Edoztunnel Pro from the links provided above.
  • Launch the Edoztunnel VPN or Edoztunnel Pro app.
  • You will see a welcome message. Click “Okay.” If you don’t see the welcome message, switch your data to a SIM card with an active data subscription and reopen the Edoztunnel app.
  • Click on the first option and select any server of your choice.
  • Next, click on the second option and choose the MTN MSME BUNDLE option.
  • Very Important: Switch your mobile network to 3G only or H+ before connecting to Edoztunnel VPN.
  • Click the Start button to connect. It should connect within a few seconds. Once connected, minimize the app and start enjoying your browsing experience.
  • After connecting, go back to your network settings and switch it back to 4G, LTE, or 5G.
  • If you encounter any connectivity issues, try turning on/off flight mode on your phone, and then reconnect. This often resolves any connection problems.
  • If you experience a “connected but not browsing” issue, kindly tick the options as shown in the screenshot below:

Validity of the MTN SME Bundle

The MTN SME data bundle is valid for 7 days from the moment of subscription. Please note that this validity period is different from the MTN Mpulse bundle, which is valid for 30 days.

Using the Latest MTN SME Cheap Browsing Cheat on Your PC

If you want to utilize the latest MTN SME cheap browsing cheat via Edoztunnel VPN on your PC, you can do so by following this detailed guideline on sharing your phone’s VPN connection with your PC. This method has been proven to work flawlessly, so make sure to check it out.

With the MTN SME bundle and Edoztunnel VPN, you can enjoy affordable browsing, unrestricted access to websites, and a user-friendly interface. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to browse the internet at a fraction of the cost. Download Edoztunnel VPN today and start enjoying a seamless browsing experience.

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