Twitter Reinstates Blue Verification Badge: Who’s in & Who’s Out?

Twitter Reinstates Blue Verification Badge

Twitter Reinstates Blue Verification Badge. Elon Musk has reinstated the blue verification badges for several high-profile accounts with more than one million followers over the weekend, even if they did not pay for a subscription.

The blue tick mark is a symbol of authenticity that confirms the legitimacy of public figures, organizations, and other notable individuals on Twitter.

However, some of the account owners, including writer Neil Gaiman, footballer Riyad Mahrez, musician Lil Nas X, actress Janel Parrish Long, and British TV presenter Richard Osman, claimed that they did not pay for the blue badge. It is unclear if Twitter is restoring the blue badges for all verified accounts or if it is a selective process.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has reinstated blue verification badges on accounts with more than one million followers, confusing celebrities worldwide, without requiring them to pay a subscription fee. Earlier this week, Musk had removed all “legacy” blue ticks from accounts, leaving high-profile individuals such as Beyoncé, Harry Kane, and Victoria Beckham without the symbol of authenticity. The blue tick mark was originally intended to verify the accounts of celebrities, organisations, and professionals, such as journalists.

Elon Musk sets deadline for removal of legacy blue checkmarks on Twitter;  See date - BusinessToday

Musk, who acquired Twitter for $44 billion in October, had abolished the blue tick verification system and introduced a paid subscription service called “Twitter Blue” that allowed any account to sign up and receive the check mark. However, in a recent climbdown, verification badges have reappeared on accounts with over one million followers overnight, despite Musk previously stating that he was paying for blue ticks for several high-profile accounts that had not paid for a subscription.

The confusion surrounding the blue tick verification system is the latest development in Twitter’s efforts to distinguish authentic accounts from fake ones. The blue tick symbol is a critical feature for public figures, organisations, and individuals of high-profile status to prove their identity and authenticity to their followers.

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