Win Big with 6 Free Lottery Draws: Your Chance to Score Cash Now in Uk!

6 Free Lottery Draws

Are you ready to take a shot at winning big? Get ready to explore a world of possibilities and try your luck with six incredible free lottery draws! In this article, we’ll dive deep into the exciting realm of lotteries, revealing how you can participate in six free lottery draws and increase your chances of scoring some serious cash. Buckle up, because this could be your ticket to a life-changing win!

Imagine the possibilities of winning the National Lottery. However, the stark reality is that the odds of being struck by lightning are five times higher than hitting the jackpot. Moreover, purchasing a single ticket for a hefty two pounds may result in a net loss rather than a gain.

Thankfully, free lotteries offer a different story. These draws require no cost to enter, and your chances of winning are often significantly better compared to paid lotteries.

To save you the effort, we have compiled a curated list of the top free lotteries available. These lotteries employ various winning criteria, such as postcodes, birthdates, and even your favorite emojis.

Best free online lotteries in the UK

These are the best free lotteries ever to play:

1. Pick My Postcode

  • How much can you win? – £200+ for the main draw
  • How often are winners drawn? – Daily
  • Do you need to claim your prize to win? – Yes.

Pick My Postcode, formerly known as the Free Postcode Lottery (unrelated to the People’s Postcode Lottery), stands as one of the premier platforms in the realm of free online lottery games.

Despite its name change, Pick My Postcode continues to operate as a free postcode lottery, with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of £200 available each day.

Every day, a random UK postcode is selected from the vast database of Pick My Postcode users. However, to claim their prize, winners must log in to the website. Failure to do so results in the prize rolling over to the following day. In cases where multiple users share the winning postcode and all make a claim, the prize money is divided equally among them.

By visiting the site daily to check the winning postcode, you can further enhance your potential winnings with a 1p bonus. Additionally, Pick My Postcode features four additional draws on the platform, offering prizes ranging from £5 to £150.

2. Free Birthdate Lottery

Free Lottery with Guaranteed Winners & Cash Prizes
  • How much can you win? – £10 for the main draw
  • How often are winners drawn? – Daily
  • Do you need to claim your prize to win? – Yes.

When it comes to choosing your favorite emojis or deciding where to live, you have some control. However, your date of birth is determined by fate, making it somewhat comforting that your chances of winning the Free Birthdate Lottery are entirely beyond your influence.

As the name suggests, the Free Birthdate Lottery’s team selects a random date from the past each day. If it happens to match your own birthdate, you become the fortunate winner of the £10 jackpot.

Similar to Pick My Postcode, the Free Birthdate Lottery exclusively considers dates of birth from its database of registered users. Consequently, there should be a winner every day. However, like other free lottery draws, eligible winners must claim their prize to secure it.

The unclaimed £10 prize does not carry over to the next draw. If multiple users successfully claim the prize, it will be evenly split among them. Nevertheless, a glance at past results reveals that most people never bother to claim their winnings. Thus, if your birthday comes up, chances are high that you will collect the full amount.

In addition to the main draw, the Free Birthdate Lottery conducts a daily survey draw. Participants must complete a brief questionnaire before unveiling another birthdate. The same rules apply, including the prize fund, but it appears that even fewer individuals claim the jackpot in this particular draw.

3. Freemoji Lottery

  • How much can you win? – $20+ for the main draw
  • How often are winners drawn? – Daily
  • Do you need to claim your prize to win? – Yes.

Don’t let the prize currency fool you; despite being in dollars, the head office of Freemoji Lottery is located in the UK, and the draw is open to residents of the country.

Upon signing up for Freemoji Lottery, you have the opportunity to select five emojis that will be entered into the daily draw. You are free to choose any combination of emojis you prefer. However, if our opinion mattered, we’d recommend the sunglasses face, OK hand gesture, eyes, thinking face, and praying hands (and yes, if that combination wins you the jackpot, you do have to donate your money to us).

Freemoji Lottery will send you a daily email as a reminder to check the website, and it is certainly worthwhile to do so. If your chosen combination is drawn, you must actively claim the prize to secure your winnings. If not, the prize money rolls over to the following day, and the cumulative amount often reaches several hundred or even over a thousand dollars.

In addition to the main draw, Freemoji Lottery also hosts the Fivers Draw. This secondary competition selects five emoji combinations daily. However, as a trade-off for having five times more chances of winning, the prize for matching your combination is just $5.

Note: The statement about donating money to us was meant to be a playful remark and is not to be taken seriously.

4. Lucky Emoji

  • How much can you win? – £10+
  • How often are winners drawn? – Daily
  • Do you need to claim your prize to win? – Yes.

Looking for more emoji-based lotteries to satisfy your appetite? We understand the craving, and luckily, there’s another one awaiting your signup and participation: Lucky Emoji.

In contrast to Freemoji Lottery, where you select five emojis, Lucky Emoji only requires you to choose three. The available emoji options are also smaller in number. However, conveniently, three of the five emojis we recommended for Freemoji are still available (sunglasses face, thinking face, and OK hand gesture – covering all your emoticon needs).

Moreover, on Lucky Emoji, you have to manually enter the draw each day and can opt to either pick your own three emojis or go for a lucky dip.

Similarly to the previous lottery, you must claim the prize if your trio of emojis is drawn, and the £10 jackpot does not carry over if no one comes forward. However, if you desire some additional free money, you can boost your bonus (which you’ll receive upon winning) by inviting your friends to sign up using your referral link.

Indulge in the world of Lucky Emoji and see if your chosen combination brings you luck and rewards.

5. Free Lottery

  • How much can you win? – £500 for the main draw
  • How often are winners drawn? – Daily
  • Do you need to claim your prize to win? – Yes.

True to its name, the Free Lottery offers an entry at no cost. It presents two exciting draws: the daily draw, with a prize of £500, and the weekly draw, with a whopping £10,000 up for grabs.

Upon creating your account, you can immediately start participating in the lottery. For each draw, you are required to select six numbers ranging from 1 to 75. Alternatively, you can opt for the system to generate random numbers on your behalf. The ultimate goal is to match all six numbers for a win!

The Daily Draws occur at 7:30 PM, while the Weekly Draw takes place every Monday at 2:00 PM.

Note that you can enter the Weekly Draw right after signing up. However, to be eligible for subsequent Weekly Draws, you must participate in at least three Daily Draws.

To claim your prize, you need to contact Free Lottery within two working days. Your winnings will be sent to you in the form of a check delivered by post. Unclaimed prizes do not carry over to the following day. In the event of multiple winners, the prize money will be evenly divided among them.

Embrace the opportunity to participate in the Free Lottery, and may luck be on your side as you aim for a life-changing win!

6. Free National Lotto

  • How much can you win? – £5 – £20 for the main draw
  • How often are winners drawn? – Daily
  • Do you need to claim your prize to win? – Yes.

The Free National Lotto closely resembles the traditional National Lottery, but with a few important distinctions.

Firstly, upon signing up for the Free National Lotto, you must choose five numbers to play in each draw. Unlike the paid Lottery, you cannot change your numbers frequently, and there are no bonus balls involved.

The most significant difference lies in the fact that there is always a winner in the Free National Lotto. Similar to certain aforementioned free lotteries, only sets of numbers selected by Free National Lotto users are drawn. The determining factor is whether or not the winners claim their prizes within the specified time frame. In the event that prizes go unclaimed, the prize money rolls over to the next day, accumulating up to a maximum of £20.

The Free National Lotto also includes two additional draws. The first is the daily survey draw, where completing a survey reveals the winning numbers, giving you a chance to win £5. The second is called “5 Ball.” Unlike the main draw and survey draws, 5 Ball randomly selects numbers twice a week, independent of user selections.

It’s important to note that the odds of winning in the 5 Ball draw are significantly lower than in the main draw, with odds as discouraging as one in 658,008. As observed on the results page, only a few individuals have won the 5 Ball draw (yet to claim their prizes), and the jackpot has reached a maximum of £2,000.

Participating in the Free National Lotto offers an intriguing twist on the traditional lottery experience, where the chance to claim a prize is always present.

How do free lotteries work?

The concept of receiving free money through lottery websites may seem too good to be true. How do these platforms manage to offer substantial jackpots, ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds, without charging an entry fee? The answer lies in a simple principle: advertising.

Similar to newspapers and social media networks, most free lottery websites generate their revenue through advertising. Various forms of advertising contribute to their income, including standard webpage advertisements and earning commissions whenever users sign up for services through provided links. This practice, known as “affiliate marketing,” is also a popular method of monetizing blogs.

The reliance on advertising revenue explains why many free lottery sites require participants to visit their website and check the draw in order to claim their prizes. These platforms strive to maintain high levels of traffic to attract and retain advertising companies. Consequently, they encourage users to visit the site regularly, ensuring ongoing engagement and sustained advertising opportunities.

The symbiotic relationship between free lottery sites and advertising allows for the continued existence of these platforms and the provision of enticing prize pools. It is the advertising revenue that enables the distribution of free money to lucky winners, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the lottery sites and their users.

Are free lotteries legit?

While we have taken care to include only reputable and trustworthy free lotteries, it is important to acknowledge that any online space where money is freely offered will inevitably attract the attention of online scammers.

Whenever you find yourself considering sharing personal or financial information with an unfamiliar company, it is wise to conduct some background checks as a precautionary measure.

We strongly recommend conducting a Google search of the company, exploring reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, and even searching for the company’s name on Twitter to gather insights from other users’ experiences.

If there are any doubts regarding the legitimacy of a free lottery, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid involvement. No potential jackpot is worth risking the loss of your hard-earned money.

Prioritizing your online safety and exercising due diligence will help ensure a secure and enjoyable lottery experience.

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